Light Pollution - Questionnaire

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As part of first-hand research, I created a questionnaire for members of my class and the general public to answer based on the environmental issue of Light Pollution - a subject that I believe I am now leaning towards in favour of 'Inside Out', but I am attempting to combine the two in a way; such as my light bulb city poster.
My completed questionnaire sheets

From the feedback I got from 24 questionnaires, it is evident that Light Pollution is not a well-known topic and most people have only heard about it as a second hand subject. However, most of them do state that they attempt to cut-down on the amount of light they use, such as low-brightness on computer screens or turning off lights at night. They can also identify high-light polluted areas via the map I provided as well as objects that emit luminous light.
Documentation of questionnaires

It will now be my job to make Light Pollution a better-known environmental issue and explain the effects it has on the Earth and the health of humans and animals with the research I have acquired. And is possible, I will also try to include my original proposal of 'Inside Out' in my forthcoming practical work for this new topic.

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