Gallery Visit - Somerset House

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Selected pieces of work from the gallery

Today, I commuted to the Somerset House in Central London as extra research into my project. Home to a number of galleries and temporary exhibitions, I went to view the Pick Me Up exhibit that is currently running, featuring the work of a number of contemporary illustrators and graphic designers. Pick Me Up exploits the works and more specifically the processes of creating graphic work from twelve 'up-and-coming' international art studios, all of which were nominated by Somerset for view.
Lamadieu's designs, the centre piece of which is titled "Paint New York"

One designer's work that I took an liking to was French artist Thomas Lamadieu, whose creative illustrations titled Sky Design fill in the empty sky gaps between buildings featured in worm-eye-view photographs looking up with his own cartoon characters which differ from reality. I find these pieces amazing because Lamadieu uses an artist's natural influence of using what's already there and adding and manipulating it to make a subject more appealing. If I have the time, I would like to produce an artist copy of work similar to Lamadieu's as an experiment. In relation to my 'Inside Out' project, the piece could explore size and shape differences and unusual placement of ordinary subjects in the real world.
A selection of Newman's work

Another artist's work I found interesting was Hettie Newman, whose inimitable creations in set design and papercraft hold so much detail. The energetic colours, playfulness and patience shown in Newman's miniature works are then translated into 3D sculptures made from a broad range of materials. Since some of my developments thus far in my project are 3D, I would consider looking into Newman's work further and see what is possible to make from easy-to-obtain materials to possibly create one myself.
Other artists' work, including my rainbow scratch card

Other pieces I found interesting in general includes work from the following designers Luke Evans, Jack Cunningham, Laura Jouan, Jennifer Argo and Rop de Mierlo. Another fun experience I endeavoured in was taking part in a social media challenge by Blink Art - one of the art studio present at the exhibition - where I scratched out a drawing onto a piece of scratch card, which revealed a rainbow pattern beneath when scratched away. I documented my gallery visit in my sketchbook as seen below:
Overall, I enjoyed this gallery visit and believe the works on display will inspire me further in the build-up to my final project piece.

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