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My final outcome is made up of two parts; one is a set of posters issuing my campaigning topic of light pollution which stemmed up from my original project objective for Inside Out and the other is a motion graphic video addressing key facts of light pollution and its effects to the environment. While the posters were created using a mix of drawings scanned onto Photoshop and digital recreation, the motion graphic was created using the After Effects program, and took considerably longer with a higher level of complexity involved

I believe my project differs slightly from my original intentions of exploring interiors and learning how they influence their exteriors (i.e. Inside Out), but I now think that my topic of light pollution relates are being an in-depth subject, and stripping it down layer by layer to discover the solution to it.

Over the venture of the seven weeks, I have documented my experiments and research in an A3 sketchbook. I also took note of my exploits in an online blog and I have been updating co-currently. Aside from the previous two, I have also uploaded my work on to my college’s Moodle webpage for my tutors to view and give feedback on and explained my idea in the form of a project proposal and a weekly plan, complete with an appendix and bibliography.

These forms of documentations have helped my develop my work further by linking narratives from different experiments together and helping me to be inspired by the research I have collected from it. They have also made feedback easier to obtain so I can learn how to improve and move on through my project smoothly with little error.

My original targets included exploring the interiors of objects and people, explaining how they reflect on their respective exteriors, and how that related back to a subject’s personality traits. I believe I have met these targets with through research and experimentation over the course of this project via many new developments I undertook in the build-up to my final piece.

Another target I met was accepting more contextualisation and artist research into my work and learning how to base my ideas on those pieces of evidence in order to become more inspired in my work. The likes of Leon Golub, Jim Shaw and Josh Bryan, among others and gallery visits to Serpentine, Somerset and the Barbican have helped me to accomplish that.

One particular development I made contributed highly to my final outcome. I originally inducted to create a poster featuring a night time cityscape featuring hundreds of little lights and how a few of them turned into light bulbs of a higher size hanging down from the city. This was supposed to be an example of the meaning of “inside out”, where the lightbulbs would ‘come out’ of their normal habitat and dominate the night sky, as they are the key objects that cause city buildings to light up.

This led me on to discover the issue of light pollution and how it was affecting the planet, contrary to what people think of it. The fact that it wasn’t a well-known environmental issue led me to learn more about and use my poster as the forte for my final piece. 

During group reviews and tutorials, it was noted that I tend to have more than one idea to base my work around and while my ideas were praise, I should stick to primarily just one to incorporate into. My tutors were also resourceful in how I should come about my final pieces and what mediums to use. My particularly noted how light pollution has never been a topic explored on the foundation course before and that I should consider looking into it and attempting to find a way to base it around my proposal for Inside Out.

My peers were instrumental in the positive feedback I received from various developments, and helped me to discover where I was going wrong and where I could potentially improve.
From the experience, I have learnt a great deal more on how to operate computer editing programs like Photoshop and After Effects compared to what I knew before I started this foundation course. It has also taught me more on time management and that I shouldn’t rush or take too long on coming up with ideas or working on them. I hope intake these new experiences for future work and employment. I also hope to continue trying out new methods of graphic design in future projects and attempt to use them to my own accord of artistic and visual ideas.

However, I have also learnt that I shouldn’t produce too many ideas and that it is best to stick to a minimum of one for one development or project.

Before starting the course, I had a key interest in Photography and I thought the best way to explore that further was to enrol in this course. But along the way, I discovered other types of graphics I could work in and I was opened up to a whole new world of skill, ambition and resources. I wish to continue to feel this way towards the subject and carry on working within this industry route.

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