Final Piece 2 - Motion Graphic Fact Video

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To accompany my light pollution poster, I created a motion graphic video using the Adobe program After Effects to illustrate key facts on the issue, using the research I gathered on light pollution. It is also intended to be shown as part as show reel of videos for my college's foundation gallery. Although I previously stated that my skills in motion graphics are extremely limited, I learnt a great deal more from experimenting with the program in my spare time as well as the tutorial I undertook a few weeks ago.
Initial sketching and styling ideas

I started off by sketching down ideas and format styles for my video; what should feature and how I should take about creating it. I then moved to forming a storyboard for my short film - complete with coloured-in sketches and narration marks, as seen below:
Afterwards, I began the long process of creating my fact video, which took a total of three days, on After Effects. I opened a new composition and set a duration of two minutes (as my video has to be two minutes long or less) and placed a number of images I created previously as elements to manipulate.
The creative process on Adobe's After Effects

I attempted to my good use for the transformation tools of each element while editing, and manipulated many into rotating, re-scaling and changing position between set limits of time. The most effect tool though was the opacity tool, as it allowed me to change scene in the video more smoothly without a rapid jump cut. 

The use of the position and rotation transformation tools combined also proved highly effective in making my light bulb images look like they're swinging back and forth. This also helped in producing and re-producing text boxes for my facts. Upon completion, I put my video in a render queue and rendered it out for viewing.
Screenshots from completed motion graphic

To accompany my video, I included a musical instrumental track titled "Kids in the Street". It is apparently an instrumental cover of said song and available from a free digital media outlet, so no copyright is needed on my behalf. My final motion graphics video can be seen below:
With a running time of 1 minute and 36 seconds, I have succeed in staying in the designated time limit, but overall, I believe this part of my final piece is satisfactory for a first try of creating a motion graphic video and that it has succeeded in explaining the concerns of a little-known environmental campaign like light pollution. I also think that this development contributes my newly-learnt skills well towards my final piece and my overall project. I later documented my exploits in this development in my sketchbook as seen below:
If time allowed it, I would go back and improve certain parts of my video, such as the placement of the wires that the bulbs hang off as they kept moving in an un-sync order to match the speed and movement of the bulbs themselves. I would of also liked to have experimented with more audio tracks to match the tone of the video, as I feel the one I produced for the video felt rush in choice, not to mention parts where it was cut badly. But overall I am happy with the outcome of this piece is such a short space of time.

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