Final Piece 1 - Campaign Posters

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Designated Poster 2 - taken from a previous development

The first of three final pieces for this project as well as my college's gallery display. This one features three posters arranged in a particular manner and are supposed to encourage people to turn off unnecessary light to lower the statistics of light pollution which block out the night sky. The first poster is from a previous development that features a night time city skyline lit up, with light bulbs hanging below. It is one of the initial takes instead of the actual final design, as I feel this version has a more organic feel in comparison to the final one, which after getting feedback from, looks more "electronic" and "domestic".
The creative process

The second poster is merely a play on typography. "Turn off the Light to see the Night" is the slogan for my campaign, and I believe the poster makes the message clear. The letters of the key words "Light" and "Night" are made up of city building lights and stars respectively as a further play on typography. I finished it off with a blurred boarder to give the affect of darkness closing in around the poster.
Designated Poster 3

My third and final poster is the main feature of this process. I initially pictured it as an expansion of my second poster, but with the text from my first poster and extra features included. It is intended to my the focal point of my campaign. Using the "light bulb" poster I created in an earlier development, I re-modified it by attuning the colour hues and fixed up errors such as the placements of certain light bulb's wires before placing it in a larger frame piece. I then placed collections of twinkling stars around the edge of the picture and headlined it with the phrase from my first poster "Turn off the Light to see the Night".
Designated Poster 2

The gap between the stars and the city is supposed to illustrate how intense light polluted outward from an urban environment towards the night sky blocks out the view of stars, the latter of which can only be seen outside the city away from the bright lights (i.e. suburban and countryside areas). The hanging light bulbs also bring into notion of how bright a set of bulbs can be towards the darkness and that we as natives to the planet should lower the amount we use and emit.
Examples of my poster on billboards

I also took the time to emphasise my poster's intention as an advertisement and created mock-up images of how it could look on billboards. I didn't create mock-ups using the first two poster as I believe this one gets my message across more strongly. I also documented all my work for this development in my sketchbook as seen below:
Documentation of this development in my sketchbook

As one part of my final piece for this project, I believe I have succeeded in creating an entertaining and acknowledging design drawing concern to a little-to-unknown environmental issue in the form of a set of digital poster-pieces and exemplified their use in public. I have now, however, noticed ways that I could improve my posters, in particular my designated second one. I think I could of stressed the issue of light pollution further by adding a bright circular blur emitting outward from the city image, showing that bright light is the main factor towards light pollution, instead of leaving the unmarked area as blank. 
The proposed layout of my posters for my college's gallery

Also, although I have geared away from my original project object of exploring the ins and outs of objects and people, I see the light bulbs lean back more towards that; the bulbs descending are larger than the ones above that make up the skyline, and in a way take them OUT of their rooms and into the main habitat, merging as one. However, in spite of these issues, I am satisfied with the outcome of my posters and their intentions for in my project.

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Claire Lucas : 3:20 pm, May 26, 2016

Hi there, I like this design very much and would like to print it outs for my son's room (he has a telescope, would you mind if I did so?

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