Street Art in Antwerp

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While exploring the city of Antwerp during my trip abroad in Belgium, I came across the particular street art seen above. It depicts the outsides of a set of cherubs spray-painted onto a wall with what I suppose is a set of stencils and spray paint. I couldn't find any backlog information of a particular street artist who operates in Antwerp, nor any other kinds of graffiti similar to the angels, but I believe this style is similar to the London-based anonymous artist Banksy, as it is suggestible to public interpretation and has no straight-forward meaning.

In relation to my project of 'Inside Out', I see the empty space created by the outlines  of the cherubs as an identifying space; a space that should be filled with the embodiment of that person; likes and dislikes, phrases, images, text, etc. all relating to them, and transcribing their personality outwardly, similar to how an x-ray is displayed perhaps. Purpose-wise, I want to find a way to incorporate this idea into my work and come up with a development for it.

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