Learning How to Use After Effects

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Although I possess a considerable skill set in Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator programs, I believe I need to reassert my skill levels in After Effects as right now, I have a vague idea of creating a motion graphic to contribute to my final piece. Following a basic step-by-step YouTube tutorial, I learned about the basic of the editing program and some of its key features.
Screenshots from my testing piece

A handy feature that I feel I will benefit from in future is the use of the "stopwatch" icon for each layer of content, as it lets me turn certain features into animated content. Other key features I discovered include the special effects option, the integration of image and video content, and the of text and shapes, among others.


Although my video offers nothings visually impressive, it showcases the basic skills I have learned from the tutorial, and I believe that with enough practice, my skills can be greatly enhanced for future developments of work and possibly be used for a motion graphic piece in relation to my 'Inside Out' project.

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