Development 5 - Visual Silhouettes

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Street art in Antwerp, Beligum

Inspired by the street art I encountered in Belgium featuring the silhouettes of cherubs, I wanted to find a way to contribute this to my project of 'Inside Out' in a way of showing off a person's personality. I originally had an idea transcribing a person's silhouette by filling it up with images relating to them, either a college or a singular picture; something that makes them happy or is responsible for their personality traits (e.g. makes them calm, greatest fear, interests, etc.)
My sketchbook notes, alongside my original idea from my title page

In my sketchbook, I explored this idea further with further sketches, research and ideas. Choosing between two ideas I ended up going with one where a person's silhouette fills up an image, over my second one where the silhouette is made up of text of words concerning said person.
The photographs of my peers I took

I begun by taking photos of select few of my peers and I interviewed them on what they believe influences them as a person and their traits (e.g. favourite things, greatest fears, love interests, likes & dislikes, etc.). They are as follows:

Muniba - Disney; ethnic patterns
Ishti - Barbara Palvin (model); relaxing environments
Anthony - Matoro (fictional hero from Lego Bionicle franchise)
Nawaraj - Pandas

I then began the creative process on Adobe's Photoshop program. Initially, I thought of creating a college of images to represent each person but I ultimately decided against it as it would of made the final piece look too visually complicated. Instead, I believed a single image would contemplate better.
The creative process

To start off, I cut around the person in the image using the quick selection tool and separated it from the rest of the image. I then edited the opacity of the piece and made it semi-transparent, before adding a new image behind said person that represents a personality trait.of theirs. The edited opacity helps to bleed the image through the person, projecting outwards from them. I repeated the process four times for four different people.
First outcomes

Afterwards, I saw a chance to experiment further with my candidates' silhouette shapes and their chosen images as one of my first outcomes (above, left), I believe gives off a better effect than the one opposite as it is more of a tinted shadow with the image being shown rather than a blend of both as seen in my second one. I chose to experiment with this style further and another in the following pieces:
Muniba - ethnic patters & Disney
Ishti - relaxing environment & model
Anthony - Matoro
Nawaraj - Pandas

In the triple image sequence seen above, the first features the person while a silhouette copy shadows them from behind featuring their 'personalised' image. The second is their silhouette completely opaque with a tinted version of the image filling it in, while the last one has both the person and their image semi-opaque and both of their features visible to see to an extent. I later on documented this development in my sketchbook as seen below:

In final, I believe these are one of my successful development designs to date as they are both visually stimulating and relate back well to my project of 'Inside Out' of exploring interiors and how they influence their respective exteriors. I will continue to develop designs for this project and explore different techniques as I approach the build-up to my final piece.

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