Development 6 - Triangle Face

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Bryan's work

Inspired by the work of Josh Bryan and his celebrity portraits made up of hundreds of different-sized triangles, I went about in creating my own distinctive edition. My original intention was to photograph either myself or a fellow peer, trace over the photo by recreating their features entirely out of triangular shapes drawn with a fine-liner, and scan and print it out onto white paper. 
The process of creating a traceable copy

However, I would prefer to use his designs as the basis for my piece rather than producing an artist copy. I also saw this as a chance to practice my digital art skills using the acquired computer programs from Adobe. With help from a YouTube tutorial, I began by taking a picture of one my peers. I then photoshopped the image by editing the contrast and clearing away the background, leaving the subject as the main focus. Next, on Illustrator, I created a trace of the image to work with and - using the pen tool - proceeded to create as many triangles over the subject's face and features as possible - all of different sizes and proportions.

The creative process

After creating my trace net, I copied and pasted it on my original image on Photoshop coloured in each individual triangle with the gradient tool, which created shading and toning to each shape. At one stage I had various gaps in the piece due to forgetting to add shapes to them, but I believe I creates a unique effect and transcribes to tell the viewer that the piece is about distortion of shape.
My "incomplete" design, followed by three colour tests depicting different textures

I completed my design by filling in any gaps that I missed, manipulating the saturation and brightness, and adding a gradient-coloured background. I also took the time to experiment with different colour hues and filters as a way of creating playful art.
My final design, as well as four experimental pieces

Overall, I am proud with the outcome of my design and believe it inherits the technique from Bryan's work well while standing out a distinctive piece of work. I am also proud that I managed to enhance my skills in the above digital media programs and I feel more confident in creating further pieces of art using them. I later documented this in my sketchbook as well as the processes and final outcome:
In relation to my project of 'Inside Out', the use of shapes to make a distorted image differs from traditional art styles and exploits the subject's feeling and meaning of feeling distorted; not well, neglected, out of shape as it were - and transcribing that inner feeling to their exteriors for people to see.

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