Development 4 - Cut Fruit

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As another experimental development into exploring 'Inside Out', I investigated the shapes of various fruit and their cores (e.g. interiors). I started off by drawing out a few well known pieces of fruit, including an apple, a lemon, a melon and a pear. I also drew an onion as compensation towards the use of vegetables. I drew each as a whole fruit, then with a quarter cut off revealing the flora inside, with a full half cut.
The drawings in my sketchbook

Then - using my drawings as a basis - I recreated them digitally as 2D shapes on Adobe Photoshop and induced text with pun related to that fruit. I created them using basic geometric shapes and overlaying them then colouring them - some with gradient-washed colour to give off a slight sense of three-dimension.
I later documented the experiment in my sketchbook, as seen below. If given the chance in the tight time limit I have, I would like to recreate these designs as physical stencil cutting layers; cutting in towards the core of the fruit upon each layer and forming a textured, revealing piece.
Documentation of development in my sketchbook

In conclusion, while I am satisfied with the outcome of these designs and their obvious relation to my project proposal, I see that they only serve as a progression to the latter. However, they help to build up the foundations towards my final piece and therefore I am grateful for its inclusion in my work.

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