Development 3 - Light Bulb City Poster

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Investigating the artistic possibilities of a light bulb

Experimenting further with the ideas of spherical structures, I became intrigued with the possibilities of incorporating a light bulb into my work in the hopes that it will lead into the idea of my final piece. 

I'm intrigued by light bulbs because not only are they useful utilities for providing heat and light, they have a vast artistic history, are the metaphorical symbol for ideas, have interesting scientific properties seem somewhat mysterious in how they work and the visuals it can create (e.g. shadows, the electrical charge in the middle that provides the light, etc.).
My original drawing for my proposed poster

I began by drawing out some sketches that incorporated light bulbs, a design of which I had in mind since the start of this project. It plays with the idea of 'Inside Out' while adding artistic value and a purpose for its portrayal in society. One sketch features a typical cityscape at night enclosed in a light bulb, while the second is a broken bulb with the city still enclosed within it, while smaller light bulbs hang out from the bottom of the cracked bulb.
My two proposed sketches

I believe these early designs relate well to my project of exploring interiors and exteriors as the depicted subjects seen in them somewhat swap places; while loads of bulbs are present in one city, the drawings show the opposite in that loads of city skyscrapers sit inside one light bulb. This brings the bulb INSIDE OUT of its respective habitat, reversing the two subjects in place.
Visual research into cityscapes at night

Based on the sketches, I wanted to produced a digital poster out of the idea shown, specifically the second sketch with the hanging bulbs as I believe it looks more appealing. I started with research into different cityscapes and night to see what kinds of buildings stand out and if a uniform collection of them was necessary.
My outline sketch painted over in water colours

I drew the outline of my poster and scanned it to use for later on my digital poster, before watercolouring the piece with the ideal colours intended for my image, so in a way acts as a marquette to my poster design. This was followed on by brainstorming for what I should campaign my poster towards, and I came up with the environmental issue of Light Pollution, a campaign that it not as well known as others affecting society, so I thought it would be a unique task and try to make people more aware of the dangers of illumination.
Early notes on light pollution

I designed my poster using the Adobe Photoshop CS6 program. Using my page scan, I placed several small yellow circles over the windows of the buildings to act as their lights. Afterwards, I removed my page scan knowing how to place my buildings while also noticing the piece actually looked satisfactory - even though vague - without the shape of grey buildings to back the yellow circles, hence motivating me to continue producing more different-sized circles to form more buildings, deleting some in random areas to give off the typical look of a city night skyline.
The photoshop process of my poster

When happy with the positioning of my circles / lights, I cropped out the shape of a light bulb from one of photos I took of my own and filled it in yellow. I repeated the process several times in different sizes and places on my poster - but mostly around the bottom as it's the idea for the bulbs to grow while they descend and become heavy - before adding yellow lines on top of each of them as they're hanging cable support and a navy blue background to act as the night sky.
Three takes of my finalised poster

In order to promote the issue of Light Pollution, I enhanced the poster with the broken bulb shadowing over the city and hanging lights. I will add text to for my campaign at a later date. The final result can be seen below:
While the cityscape without the cracked bulb (seen second-to above) represents the beauty that we see in the night skyline, the one above further transcribes the opposite; of how the danger it is causing to urban society and what they should do to reduce the amount people use. From this, I will study the effects of Light Pollution thoroughly and collect information and statistics regarding the issue before going on to create further developments similar to this poster and my final piece.

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