Development 2 - Double Pyramid

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As a side development, I experimented with further kids of shapes and making them 3D. After my circular Yarn Balls, I decided to work with triangular shapes and how I could make them represent my project of 'Inside Out'.
Outline of my idea

I started by playing around with 2D shapes and came up with the above which I believe can relate well to my project; the idea of having one triangle inside another, as well as creating an optical illusion when seen in 3D. I begun the process by creating a marquette; I stencilled out a triangle and drew three more triangles inside it before cutting it out and folding the edges inwards, creating a pyramid. I repeated this for a different coloured piece of card.
My triangular pyramid stencil

Next, I cut out triangular holes in all four sides of my original pyramid with the intention of pushing the latter pyramid into the former so its corners would stick out the holes cut. This proved to be a failure due to the holes not being big enough.
My marquette piece

Learning from this, I remade my model by creating one pyramid and spotting four smaller ones onto each side with cellotape, giving the illusion that the pyramids went through one another like an optical digital blip as seen in computer games when one graphic unintentionally enters another.
The final piece

I documented this development in my sketchbook as seen below. It explains the origin of the idea, the tools and process, and the outcome of it, all in an incarcerated in a triangle colour collage as seen below:
In final, while I like the idea I made in this side experiment, I believe the use of materials and size contributed could be massively improved. The piece could appear with a cleaner finish if I made out of cardboard or another stronger material, as well as in a larger format, and instead of using loose pieces of tape use hot glue from a glue gun to permanently secure the pyramids. But overall, I feel that I will stick to circular arrays of work for my final piece, give the tricky outcome of this development.

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