Development 1 - Yarn Balls

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After attending the Magnifcent Obsessions exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London, I became interested in the hanging wire sculptures by artist Pae White. While they described the importance of recycling the the current environmental issue of unusable waste, I found the appearance of the sculptures in themselves quite interesting.
Pae White's wire-based structures "Recycled Goods" hanging in the Magnifcent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector exhibition

The quadrilateral pieces are made up entirely of plastic wiring - each of a different colour - and when hung together they look like a set of maps weaving their way through one another, with the empty gaps between the wiring acting as landmarks. This gave the inspiration for the following development.
My tools and materials, along with my structures drying

My idea is to create a set of wire-structured objects similar to White's, but out of embroidery thread. I blew up a set of balloons and wrapped a coloured piece of thread around each of them after dipping it in a mixed solution compound of liquid starch and flour, before leaving to dry overnight.  The next day, I popped the balloons with a small pin. They shrivelled up upon the pin's poke and were removed, leaving the now-hardened thread in the balloon's shape (i.e. a ball of yarn).

Popping the balloon

I see the first set of yarn balls as failures to an extent due to the solution I used. When dried the compound didn't discolour as I expected like PVA clue, but instead stayed on the thread like crust and could only be removed if I forced it off either with my hands of a scalpel knife, damaging or softening the piece. 
The dry layers of solution stuck to the above pieces

I fixed this in later creations by threading the string through my fingers; stripping off the excess fluid yet keeping the it sticky enough to stick to the balloon. These ones turned out better in colour and featured little-to-no crust.
My fixed up structures without the excessive compound

In relation to my project proposal of Inside Out, the yarn balls symbolise a subject after its driving force of which sits inside it has been removed, leaving only a stripped outer shell to dwell on. I documented this devlopment into my sketchbook at a later date as seen below. It is a fold-out feature detailing the process of creating the Yarn Balls and what they mean and contribute to 'Inside Out'.
In final, I enjoyed the creative process of this experiment and the outcome it produced and might possibly make more for fun. I feel like I have a clearer direction into where I want to take this project, but I still intend to experiment with more mediums before deciding on the basis for my final piece.

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