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Exploring triangular art further, I came across a series of digital portraits by the young English artist Josh Bryan. While at first glance these black and white portraits look like they were created using such programs like Illustrator, they are actually pen drawings.
A selection of Bryan's work

Aged just 20 and armed with only a black fineliner, Bryan created these unique and distinctive portraits of famous celebrities including Johnny Deep, Amy Winehouse, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe - among others. Hundreds of tiny triangles make up each face. The repetition of the abstract, geometric forms create the volume, lights, shadows and tones that gives his portraits their powerful look.
Some triangles have lines in them to present the dark tones of the subject

The technique to create these involves mapping triangles over different toned parts of the subject's face. Lines are added in afterwards to the select triangles over dark portions of the face to determine the amount of tone needed in each triangle.
In my opinion, I see how the pieces combine famous and common subjects (i.e. the celebrities featured) and an uncommon technique of recreating their portraits, with the idea of using just one shape to do so is beyond amazing. I especially admire the Marilyn Monroe portrait as it is a simple, pure way to view the late actress, especially with her infamous demise.
Bryan's Marilyn Monroe portrait

In relation to my project, I believe I could use the technique upon my own work as an experiment of skill testing, on portrait photos of my own, representing the pain and trauma one person has gone through in their life time, the shape edges of the triangles on their face representing this - as sharp points can hurt and wound - taking their pain OUTSIDE of their mind. This will also test if I want to work further with geometric shapes in my project.

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