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After completing a number of projects on the Foundation Diploma course in Graphic Design at Ravensbourne, I am now prepared to begin my Final Major Project, which will take the course of 7 weeks to complete.

My proposed project - titled Inside Out - revolves around exploring the interiors of objects and people and explaining how they reflect on their respective exteriors, using the cliché phrase “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Metaphorically, I want to strip back the layers of a subject and look at what makes or influences them to be what they are (e.g. a person’s personality traits, the functions of an object and what it will be used for, etc) as opposed to comparing to what is actually underneath (e.g. organs,, although I could use that as a form of comparison.

Inspired pieces of work

I was inspired by the works of Paul Duncan, a graphic designer who created a specific piece of work advertising the 2014 World Cup that showed the creation of a singular Brazilian football jersey from the plant the silk comes from, through to stitching, logo-printing; all the way to the final product, as a sign of victory. Research and method-wise, I intend to carry out questionnaires for a selection of my classmates and friends, using them as potential subjects to base my work on.

I will also be inspecting various kinds of objects and possibly environments to find that makes up their symbolic traits and what they mean to certain people. I also intend to look at other artists’ work such as Mike Perry, Angela Palmer and Marta Bevacqua and visit galleries relating to my project for contextual and secondary research. I aim to implement my collected research into a series illustration and digital graphic trials of work before moving on to what will be my final pieces.

This blog will serve as my personal log of the examination of my final major project and explore contextual research, developments, exhibition visits and the progress of the creation of my final piece.

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