Gallery Visit - Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgium)

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A selection of Brey's work on display

As part of a trip abroad to Antwerp, Belgium. I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA), located in the Zuid district of the city. The gallery has its own collection and temporary exhibitions and doesn't shy away from alternative styles. When I went, I became heavily intrigued by the current exhibition Fuel to the Fire, featuring the work of Cuban artist Ricardo Brey, most of work of which I believe fits in perfectly with my project.
Árbol cortado y escombros

 Árbol quemado (Verbrande boom)

Rest Before Labour


Bastón del Diablo

Above is a few of Brey's photographic works on display, all of which incorporate a tangible element as well as a A1 picture. The photos represent an environment and the interior of certain natural elements from those environments (e.g. trees, ground, cave, etc.) while the objects place next to or in front of them give you a more realistic idea of how they are and the feel of which they give the artist.

"Rock Ball", "Egg", "Love" and "A Dream of Nine Nights"

More of Brey's work, which consist of fold-out boxes which old significant objects and a multitude of books, drawings, sculptural and performative proposals in the form of a fold-our binder. Each page is a work of its own and notes the process of the 3D element that takes up most of the box over beautiful illustrations of animals, organs, flora and other natural elements. Further illustrations were on display from alternative projects also:

"Papeles de Verrazano"

From the visit, I feel that I have more direction of where I want to take my final piece and a wider vocabulary of how to mimic my idea of 'Inside Out' via different development plans of which I plan to carry out prior to the initial planning of my final piece.
I documented my visit to the gallery at a later date and collected various leaflets from the museum as seen above, as well as a select few sketches based on some of the pieces on display. From what I discovered, I feel drawn to the shape of sphere featured in some of Brey's work, and how I could transcribe them to relate to my project 'Inside Out'.

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