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As further research for ideas development ideas using the logical agenda I set out for a fraction of my work for my project Inside Out, I visited the Science Museum in South Kensington, London to see if any of the exhibits relate to my project idea and to see science held any possible answers for graphics overall.
A selection of exhibits on display

During my venture through the museum via the exhibits Engineer Your Future, Atmosphere, Cravings and Information Age. From what I saw, I believe the following pieces hold some significance towards my research.
Clockwise: V2 Rocket, Sectioned Mini, Sectioned Toilet, Washing Machine, Atom Divider, Biggest Tyre in the World, Ring Log

Out of the pieces seen above, my favourite is the V2 Rocket, a 1945 missile used in the Second World War to kill 2700 people due to Hitler's fascination with 'Wonder Weapons'. The interior workings and tubing of it is visible via an open plate and exposes its function. To contrast the mechanical tool, a cut tree log which rings show its age, described as a "climate diary". The rings exposes the tree's interior while the ring describes - to an extent - shows how its inside helps to form its outside, and therefore relates well to my project idea.

Along with the inclusion of devices like cars, washing machines and toilets cut in half to see their interior workings, I found the graphic of an atom divider based on the movement of the body interest and I wish to experiment with the idea further in a development. Overall I enjoyed the museum visit and feel more inspired for my idea. I will carry these out at a later time after my research stage.

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