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To start off the practical work for my final major project, I created an introduction / brainstorm page that introduces my proposes FMP subject as well as take note of some initial development ideas in the form of rough sketches and paintings.

As well as introducing my idea and outlining its nature, the ideas I presented are shown to visualise what I mean by my project objective. Featured among them is a dress made up of an expressive font, the disarrangement of a person in hexagon shapes to symbolise taking one apart to discover their inner self, a descending stencil cutting in a book, and a person's silhouette filled with an image of something that matters to them (the example shown below being a beach)
Introduction page

My particular favourite drawing seen above is one featuring a city skyline lit up at night, with light bulbs hanging below. The piece takes the inside OUT in literal manner, as the light bulbs are what cause the skyscrapers to light up at night. I have ideas of how I can carry out this development (e.g. as a digital media piece, built from scratch, etc), but I need to find some contextualisation to help define it and what it primarily  means to me.

My next task will to be visit certain galleries accros London to gather secondary research and take note of other artists' work for inspiration and how they contextualise to my work.

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